Greenleaf Nutrients MEGA CROP Q&A/Support/Pictures/Feedback/Anything thread

Hi all. Official place to give any feedback, post pics, or really anything about MEGA CROP.

What is MEGA CROP? See here

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Never used the product, but hear all good things.

Organic soil grower Interested to follow along.



Welcome glad you’re here


Welcome to Overgrow @GreenleafNutrients.


I have some feedback about your website.

It’s too “fancy”

It loads and scrolls slow. Consider simplifying it?

Also, Is there any plans to make your feeding chart more universal for us growers? I realize no grow is the same, but having a chart that tells us how many grams = how many total ppms would be awesome! Personally I have no issue just weighing/mixing/measuring with my ppm meter because i’ve already got a scale and meter. It would make your product more appealing to beginners to have this chart.

Thanks for the awesome product, I just got my 21lb box from you, very fast turn-around on the order.


I think they´ve been working on providing different measurements. For us not using PPM meters the current measurement works great. My girls look very happy when I feed them, and even at 10g/gallon they have not showed burning signs.


Hey @TropicalBiophile! At what age and quantity did you begin feeding w/MC? How much did you increase each feed to get to 10g per gal. Thanks in advance for your help. :cowboy_hat_face:


I germinate in small cups filled with peat, and then transplant to 0.3 gallon air-pots with ammended soil and no bottle feed. My current batch of soil was missing something, and the plants were not looking happy after transplant to bigger (3-5 gallon) containers, so I started feeding Megacrop with every watering (every 2-4- days), initially at 5g/gallon and 1g more each week. It really made a difference, fast.

The plants fed at 10g/gallon are between their 4th-8th flowering week (I have a couple of long running sativas), and I already began tapering the amount (mostly because my sample is about to run out, and with shipping to Colombia getting the 22lb would be a bit too much for my current budget). I think I will buy it later though… and 22lb should last me a long time.


Been using it a bit so far.

Some guidelines for others. I grow in coco with automatic watering systems but I’ve found a good starting point is between 1.4ec - 1.7ec or 700ppm-850ppm on a 0.5 scale tds meter


Thank you @TropicalBiophile! Exactly the info I was looking for. I started with 1g per gal. I’m glad to hear that I can be generous with it. How long are your plants typically in the .3gal airpots before transplant to the 3gal. pots?


thanks for the feedback jelly! Yes, the main front page site is pretty slow, since it has videos and a lot of media. The actual shop page should be pretty quick, since it skips all that media and just gets to some core files

So, for the main page, we have some different options but I am not sure the best way to go about it now. We would like to keep all the information there (since there is quite a bit of details and info about various ingredients), but reducing the media/pictures/video would make it load faster but possibly make it less interesting. So, definitely something we are looking at!

For the PPM feeding, it varies a lot between different PPM meter brand and types, so it can be confusing or actually give wrong information to some growers if they are using it alone. EC would be more of a universal measurement, which we would like to add soon.

If you want to measure PPM, you can just measure your first reservoir with grams based on the feeding chart. After you measure grams, you can let it settle in, and measure the PPM with your meter. Then, in the future you can skip the measuring part and only measure with your meter, and it should give near identical results.

21 lbs should last you a bit! good luck!


Would love to see that. Let us know when you get it done.

Im planning to use your product on my next grow. My free sample will be here next week :slight_smile:


wow, that is pretty aggressive! Its really hard to give a universal feeding, since we even had some growers using below our normal feeding schedule and said they noticed burning signs. MEGA CROP is designed with the bare minimum of Ammonium Nitrogen (its mostly Nitrate Nitrogen source), which usually will much harder to burn and over-feed. But as we said, its really hard to predict with different mediums, lighting and strains an exact schedule to use.


we have a very rough estimate now, that 5 grams per gallon is 1.4 EC.

sounds good! yeah, this is fairly similar to the measurements we have on record. before we release something official to the website, we have to test with several different brands of meters to make sure it is as accurate as possible, that is the only hold-up as of now.

Yeah, we are trying to get into different country with hydroshops and grow shops, so the user can save on shipping cost. The 22lb bag shipping to anywhere international (besides Canada) cost about $62, which brings the total to about $110 (shipping cost more than the product). The 22lb bag makes about 10,000 Liters, so 1.1 cent per Liter cost including the shipping comes out OK.

thanks for the welcome! If we remember, you had some problems with shipping on some of your past samples. Did the sample ever end up arriving eventually? If not, please let us know and we can send another replacement package out.


Hey @GreenleafNutrients you’re welcome…, no I didn’t receive anything from you , I waited for a while, but it never did show up. I’d like to try your product so if we can sort something, that’d be great. Cheers.


Its all very relative, but I would say between week 2 and 5/6. The thing is I don´t really track times, but grow plants to the desired size on a veg tent and move them to a flower tent as they get ready. Some strains/beans are quite vigorous (such as some Bodhi Super Snow Lotus Im running now, all of these seedlings really want to get big) and others move really slow (I´ve had an ACE oldtimers haze for months, and its just a little tiny thing).

Unfortunately no, still a long way to go. It began flowering in Nov. or early December, and the advertised flowering time is 24 weeks (here it would likely be more, as my ambient temps are rather low, around 20c year round). Since this is my first time with this plant indoors, it was flowered from seed, on a rather small container, and as I mentioned the soil mix was not on point so the leaves look rather sorry (does anyone know what could be that deficiency?), but the bud is growing fine.

Yeah, but since the soil let me down this round I´ve tried to up the nutes as much as I could before seeing burn signs. The patients were a Peyote Purple (not a heavy feeder, as far as I know), an ACE Ethiopian and a USC Colombian Gold '72.

I agree, the price is quite reasonable for the amount of feed you can get of it. But I will still would like to partake in your Overgrow promo to lessen the hit a bit :upside_down:


How is the 72 Columbian? That is a focus of mine to grow as it is one of my lifetime favorite strains! Can you give a smoke report yet @TropicalBiophile?


Wow. She is “homely” but I suspect she has a lovely personality! I would have
expected a tall, lanky bitch with golfball buds. :cowboy_hat_face:


That’s not comforting. I started with 1gr per gal yesterday on 2 week old plants. I will increase 1g per gal each feed. Reasonable or not aggressive enough?


seems reasonable. There are a lot of factors involved, but if you want to be safe you can start on the low side and slowly work up.