PNH's Greenleaf Nutrients 2 Part Formula Grow Show

This is technically my 3rd run with Greenleaf Nutrients 2 Part formula. I’ve finished one with decent results and I’m a few weeks into another run growing out a few larger plants. But this Growroom Diary will be show and tell from start to finish.

Today is day one of 12/12. I literally just finished getting them all set up in their bucket lid net pots.

My setup:

Ebb & Flow into buckets with bucket lid net pots and hydroton. I start with 2 gallon buckets and “up pot” them to 3.5 gallon buckets when the roots reach the bottoms.

Light is an adjustable ballast and double ended HPS. I’m starting out at 600W, but will crank it up to 1000W after the temps drop a bit more - probably 3 or 4 weeks from now. The light is on a Light Rail.

I run CO2 at 1200PPM.

My water is RO, to which I always add 1 to 1.5 tsp/gal of Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus.

OK, so the first 2 pics show the reservoir after mixing Greenleaf Nutrients Part A, Part B & Bud Explosion into the water, to which I had already mixed in the CalMag. As you can see, it’s got millions of flakes or something floating around. I never had this experience before. Check out the pictures:

As I said, this is my 3rd run with GLN 2 Part and I’ve never had my nutrient water foul up like this. I suspect it’s because I measured out the 3 ingredients and dumped them into the water all at once. I was running a 600 GPH pump at the time to mix everything up, but it just never cleared up.

This reservoir full of cloudy, funky water concerned me enough that I sent GLN an email asking about it. The reply I got was to ask me what brand of Cal-Mag Plus did I use, and to say “Its probably just some small organic particles and nothing to really worry about”.

Organic particles? :thinking: Their Part A, Part B and Bud Explosion look, feel and smell like pure chemicals. I think it was a chemical reaction from everything hitting and being mixed into the Cal-Mag prepped water.

Since the GLN person didn’t have any skin in the game, of course it wasn’t something THEY would worry about. I, however, dumped out and cleaned the reservoir. I added fresh RO water and set up my 1/4 hp 2400 GPH pump to mix up everything. I mixed in the CalMag, then Part A and let it mix for a while. Then Part B and let it mix for a while, then added the Bud Explosion. This is what I got:

Um, yeah - which would YOU rather trust your young plants with? :sunglasses:

So, for the record, I mixed according to the label:
Part A: 2.5 gram/gallon
Part B: 2.5 gram/gallon
Bud Explosion: 1 gram/gallon

Now it’s time to add the plants!

Here’s what they look like after placing them in the net pots with the hydroton. As you can see, there are no roots hanging down, so I have to make sure the nutes reach far enough up that net pot to feed them properly.

And here you can see how high up the net pots I have the water when feeding.

After a few weeks, the roots are going to look like this, at which point, I’ll put them in the 3.5 gallon buckets. The larger buckets are the same circumference as a 5 gal bucket, so the lids will fit snug.

And here are the 10 GSCE. The 4 biggest are closest to the camera. I put them there so I can reach and manipulate them under the netting easier as they get bigger.

So away we go. I’ll post updates and answer questions. I provided as much detail as I thought necessary in case anyone wants to set up a similar system for themselves in the future.


Really nice setup there! Is the strain girl scout cookies extreme?


I’m running their MC v2 and I have to say that it isn’t up to par with GH or Dynagro.


I used to get precipitate with the MC v1, and the V2. Could never get it to fully dissolve without having to grind it up first, and would still not dissolve fully even after all that. Definitely got better things to do with my time. Just started messing around with dynagrow foliage pro, and bloom. Great ratios and I like what I’m seeing so far. Everything looking great by the way. Pulling up a chair for the show.

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Thank you - and yes sir. I hope to introduce a couple new strains in a month or two, but for now - the :cookie:Cookie Factory :cookie: continues.

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Never tried any version of their single part Mega Crop. Which GH have you used? What were your reasons for switching from GH or Dynagro?

@SeymourGreen, I don’t think this is undissolved, I think it’s new matter created from a reaction. I’ve dealt with sediment that didn’t properly dissolve without some extra effort, but this is different. I describe it as flakes, but it’s more like the whites of an egg that float away when trying to poach it - only smaller. Whatever it is, I now know how to avoid it - just don’t mix everything at once!

So 2 of the first 3 people who responded to this thread have tried GLN MegaCrop, but prefer DynaGro. The only other nutes that I’ve used with some to a lot of satisfaction is the House & Garden line. It’s so damn expensive, though - which is why I’m trying GLN. Is Dyna-Gro reasonably priced?

Thanks you very much. Glad you’ll be joining me. Please feel free to share any tips or suggestions as we proceed.


Used the 3 part Flora series with their Silica and calmag.

The Nute ratio and price was my reason to switch, but GH is still a solid nutrient line.


You’re very much welcome. I just purchased the dynagrow home growin kit for $57.00 online free shipping. It comes with a quart each of the pro-tekt, foliage pro, bloom, and mag-pro. Also a pint of the klm rooting hormone, and a cool little measuring glass. I plan on using only the foliage pro, bloom, and maybe mag-pro. I seen quarts for sale on Amazon for as low as $18 and change. Recommended dosage is a 1/4 teaspoon per gallon. So, a little goes a long way. I’m currently running a .6 ec on a few veg plants in coco and it’s actually getting rid of the purple stems and petioles I’ve been struggling with for the past few runs. Take care.


@SeymourGreen Use the ProTek bro, don’t be foolish.

Wow - that sounds like a bargain, @SeymourGreen ! If you have a thread showing what you’re currently growing with it, I’d love to follow along. I have no problem trying something else new if it’s good and reasonably priced. I mean - $57 for more than enough to finish several grows is cheap!


When I was doing soil grows, I loved Mega Crop and so did my plants.

After several hydro grows, I changed from Mega Crop v1 and v2 because I just could not keep the rez clean. I had slime and algae no matter what I did, and PH control was nightmare. The plants did seem to like it when things were going well, but they never stayed good, and I was always fighting root rot.

I switched to Jacks 321 Hydro mix (pure salts) and stopped using anything even remotely organic in the rez and all my problems went away. No smell, no slime, no algae, easy stable PH, and a perfectly clear rez. I mean gin clear. My rez looks and smells like you could drink the water just fine. If my Jacks water looked like your second, clean rez pic, I would toss it and sterilize the whole system.

One other thing I like about the Jacks is the calcium and magnesium are mixed separately, so you can fine tune those two without having to buy any extras. I use LED’s so I tend to need a bit more cal-mag.
Plus Jacks is dirt cheap - slightly less than Mega Crop V2.

To be fair, I have not tried Mega Crop two part, and dont know whats in it for sure, but if they are talking about “Organic particles” floating around, that is enough to turn me away. I have been seeing more and more people running hydro of various types who have also found that anything organic in hydro is bad news. Bacteria, algae, etc just love organic nutes as food.

Still, some people do just fine running organics and Mega Crop in hydro, so you may do just great. YMMV as they say :slight_smile:

In any case - good luck!!


Good info, @anon32470837- thank you!

I started in soil and still have a bunch of plants in soil. For that, I use Earth Juice products (Grow, Bloom, Microblast, Meta-K, Catalyst) and recently started adding the GLN Candy.

As for what that Greenleaf Nutrients person said in their email reply, I don’t think they know what they’re talking about. They very well may be the same person from Greenleaf Nutrients who comments in their Sponsor thread, but I don’t care. If you saw, smelled and felt the 2 parts, you’d agree with me that they’re pure chemicals. Same with the Bud Explosion. The Candy might have organic materials in it, but they don’t suggest using it in a hydro system and I am not.

So I’ve certainly heard of Jack’s, and MegaCrop compares their product to Jack’s, so I’ll definitely do my research on that, too.

Root rot scares the hell out of me. That’s about the worst thing that can happen in a hydro setup like mine - the whole grow would be wiped out. But, again, I’ve finished one run with the 2 part, and that was running during the hottest summer months where temps in my grow room would reach the mid 90’s! If ever I was going to get root rot, it would have been then.

Thanks! And thanks again for your good info.

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I’ve used Si many times in the past. Without it, my pH is spot on. No up/down needed.

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7th Day Update

So here are a few pics showing the progress after one week of 12/12.

The roots are looking good and will reach the bottom of the buckets this week. Looks like I’ll be able to move them into the larger buckets sooner than planned, which is preferred because it’ll be easier to work around the plants before they really kick in their stretch. I’ll probably drop the first stage of netting down at that time, too.

And the plants are showing some nice grow, too. Nothing exciting, but that’s OK with me!

Unrelated to the Greenleaf Nutrients Grow Show: Here’s another view of my garden from the other side of the room. My own (nontraditional) SOG


2 Week Update

Roots are looking good, so I “up-potted” to the 3.5 gallon buckets. Also dropped the first level of the netting down.

The nutes are the same amounts as they were on the flip:
Part A: 2.5 gram/gallon
Part B 2.5 gram/gallon
Bud Explosion: 1 gram/gallon

They’ve grown quite a bit in 2 weeks. I love 12/12! Here’s the before shots:

And here they are in the bigger buckets with the netting.


3rd Week Update

Everything still looks good. Nice growth. Still stretching, but almost done. Tons of bud sites and decent trichome production for this stage.

Still running under a 600W HPS. I had hoped to switch it over to 1000W, but temps have remained unseasonably warm and I don’t want to raise the temps inside the grow space.

Nutes are getting adjusted over the next 2 weeks to:
Part A: 4.2 grams/gallon
Part B: 2.5 grams/gallon
Bud Explosion: 1 gram/gallon

OK, I know that week 3 of 12/12 is not very exciting and the pics aren’t very impressive, so here’s a peek at another GLN Mega Crop 2 Part grow that I have going. It’s a little over 5 weeks into 12/12. They’re being grown in 5 gallon buckets, but are being fed at the same rate as the others.

Based on my first try with with this strain using the GLN 2 Part, these will go about 9 weeks, so lots of time to really pack it on (and they’re already fat and suuuuper dense).


Deleted previous entry

Do you defoliatex below the net or leave it all on

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I defoliated when I put them into 12/12 and planned to get the 1st net below where most of the lower growth starts. Unfortunately, the growth was greater than I planned and I couldn’t get that first net below most of it without risking damage to the plants. At this point, I can’t reach most of what you see below the netting, but when those 4 larger plants are finished, I’ll be able to reach most of it and trim it off if I decide to do that. OR - I might just put a collar around the bottom of each plant to hold up that lower growth. When I switch the light over to 1000W and am able to lower it, the light should penetrate much better than what you see now.

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Week 4 Update

Put 2nd level of netting on. Will definitely add both layers of the netting one week earlier next time. At least nothing broke as I was working it down onto the plants.

Part A: 4.2 grams/gallon
Part B: 2.5 grams/gallon
Bud Explosion: 1 gram/gallon

And when they’re nearly all grown up…