Seed Run Co-op: bodhi's Good Medicine CBD Blessings Preservation Run (Closed)

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Strain: @bodhi seeds’ Good Medicine
Genetics: Good Medicine is Harlequin x Appalachia, aka Wade Laughter’s high-CBD Harlequin (Swiss Landrace x 70’s Columbian Gold x Thailand close to Laos x Nepal Indica) pollinated by Appalachia (Cecil’s Green Crack vs JJNYC’s Tres Dawg) ​
Donor: @Torontoke
Preserver: @nube

Strain Description (from bodhi on

I made these seeds as a tool to use in a high cbd project, I made alot more than I need and so I want to share the love.

Harlequin is a famous californian cbd rich clone, it’s a sativa dominant cross of columbian gold, thai, and a nepali indica brought to the community by Wade Laughter. Appalachia is a beautiful hybrid of green crack and jj’s tres dawg created by h & l. I wanted to create a functional pain relieving starting block to cross to other cbd rich plants. There are only a few non feminized high cbd seeds lines available, so I figured this is a good starting point to change that. Initial tests on vegetive leaf samples are showing 2/3 of the plants are rich in cbd, in ratios of 1 to 1 up to 1 to 3. Outcrossing this line to other high cbd plants or inbreeding of this line could be a rewarding for someone looking to generate their own cbd rich plants for juicing, extraction, cooking and combustion.

Useful links to past grows and smoke reports:

Photo credit: Green Dot Labs (Boulder, CO) posted on ICMag by Cannavore - lots more pics if you follow the link.

Photo credit: calicat from his BreedBay smoke report (login required)

bodhi’s personal lab tests of Good Medicine used in breeding stock on later crosses (login required)

bodhi’s comments on BreedBay in various places, edited/paraphrased by me:

out of 6 [Good Medicine F1] males tested, 4 were cbd rich.

(paraphrased) good medicine has 1:1 and 1:2 thc:cbd phenos to be found, but also high thc phenos with no cbd.

the cbd rich releases break down like this:

thc rich x cbd rich = 20%-50%cbd rich offspring…

cbd rich x cbd rich =50%-80%cbd rich offspring…

also the males seem to carry the cbd gene more than the females…

Lab results in a bodhi cross using one of those high-CBD F1 males noted above: (herijuana x gm)

Method & Environment:

I’m putting this thread together late, after the plants have hit 8wks in flower, so it’s a bit of catch up. Please keep that in mind when replying. This is how it started:

I have a single F1 pack of bodhi seeds’ Good Medicine with the clear plastic and silver label, apparently packaged before they were given the name/label Good Medicine (March 2013). These were donated by @Torontoke who got them in trade from another Canuck afaik. I soak for 48hrs in a cup of water, then germ in a wet paper towel on top of a small heat source. These seeds are 8 years old at the time of germination (per this post - login required to view: and were claimed to be stored in the fridge that whole time. We’ll see.

Upon germination, I’ll veg them until space opens up in the flower tent, then open pollinate in week 4 from flip with all available male and female plants. I’ll clone them and hope for roots. They’ll get as much time as they need to ripen and then will be harvested, dried, and shucked by hand.

They’ll be grown in a fully recycled organic living soil environment under DIY LED lighting with an AC Infinity T6 exhaust fan and Phresh filter in my spare bedroom. I mix the soil myself and use only water the entire lifespan of the plants, going from solo cups to 1/2 gallon square pots to final pots based on what’s available in my inventory at the time - 7gal cloth pots or, if not available, 10gal plastic bag planters with 2 plants per bag and 7-8gal of soil. No teas or topdressing in most cases, just R/O water the whole way.

If you have any questions on how signing up for this works, please visit here as we have done our best to address them in one spot instead of in every Preservation Co-op journal.

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Here’s the original pack:

Getting wet:

They all cracked within 24hrs, and a couple had tails by then. Thanks to the great storage used by everybody in the chain of custody! :slight_smile: I put them in a moist paper towel and all had tails, some long, some short, and were ready to plant by the 2nd day in paper towels.They all sprouted and a few were above ground by Sept. 3, 2020, so I’m counting that as day 1 of veg.

Here’s a few pics of their seedling days before transplant.

Looks like one didn’t come up, so I ended up with 10 seedlings out of 11 seeds popped. Pretty good for 8 year old seeds.


Let me be the first one to thank you beer3|nullxnull, always appreciate your contributions to this community. Haven’t tested yet any CBD strain, firstly I was going to ignore it but I recently was 60 years old labrat and having that medical strain in my stash may come handy one day stretcher|nullxnull, lovely looking plants … Arriba|nullxnull


I am getting more requests from family for CBD strains and don’t really have a lot so this would be a good addition. Thanks for doing this project.


At this point I want to shout out @bodhi for his nod to Overgrow in that link in the first post about his own personal lab testing and why he decided to start making CBD Blessings crosses.

but we gotta share the love and overgrow the planet for the health and healing of all beings!

Amen! He’s a super generous guy and recently passed me a few more CBD Blessings to preserve for the community in future runs:

Back to the Good Medicine preservation run, I transplanted them on day 26v into 1/2gal pots. The roots looked good at that point:


Thank you for this run @nube and good luck !!

Always putting your heart and soul on these grows !! Much appreciated


Thanks for you time and generosity in doing this!


Thank you very much for preserving this strain. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the grow! :seedling::seedling::seedling:


Thank you. I appreciate what you’re doing. I know little about cbd but my relatives have also been asking me about it, so thx.


Awesome run! Thanks @Torontoke and @nube!! I have arthritis in my hands, and CBD really helps.

Thanks again. :vulcan_salute:


Hey @nube
Please dm me. I have a pack i could chop in like half or 3/4 of if that interests you? We could discuss if you wanna shoot me a dm!

I seen they’re in 8 wks of flower. Still dm if you wanna :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for doing this for the community, good cbd strains need to be more readily available, thanks for making them more available


Awesome work you are doing for the community . I’ve yet to try any cbd flower but I’m hearing I should to help with anxiety and muscle pain . I’ll give it a go .


Thanks @Torontoke and @nube for making things avail we might not otherwise be able to get :innocent: and of course @bodhi


Wow thank you nube. I‘m also growing for a patient and a good CBD strain always comes handy. Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Really excited for this one! I’ve been looking for the perfect anxiolytic strain after having an incredible experience with Canna-Tsu. I’ve been chasing a good 1:1 strain and remembered really wanting to try Good Medicine when it was released.

Thanks so much for doing this run! It’s very kind and generous.


Thank you Nube for all you do. I’m looking forward to trying a CBD rich strain.



ditto all the thanks

ac/dc ali g ? :laughing: (shivers)

:evergreen_tree: whutevah


Wow, it looks like you’ve been blessed with an excellent selection of the CBD rich lines! Much respect to you for yet another preservation run!!


I will love cbd or just mainly thc heavy flower myself. My wife on the other hand has terrible aniexty and if she trys token and I mean any Indica or sativa rich I’ve gotten ahold of makes it way worse. So have been looking at cbd rich to see if that’s the trick. What better than a cbd rich called good medicine right…I’m excited to watch this progress start to finish with this run.