Using a coin flip and a hose washer to mail seeds

This is a good way to ship seeds safely, and it usually only costs the price of a first-class stamp to mail. I realize this is not groundbreaking, and many people have been doing it this way for awhile, but I thought I would share here in case there are people who haven’t seen this method of shipping.

Get a coin flip (one of those cardboard sleeves used to collect and display coins) and a hose washer. Place the seeds inside of the hose washer, like this:

Generally, the hose washer is thick enough to protect the seeds from being crushed.

Fold the coin flip with washer and seeds inside in half, and seal with tape or a staple:

This can be placed in to an envelope and shipped usually for the price of a singe first-class stamp.

If you want to get extra fancy you can put it back inside of the breeders pack, though it may ending up costing you a few pennies more to ship, if the envelope is too thick:

It costs about a quarter for a coin flip, and the hose washer is just a few cents. So, using this method, along with the cost of an envelope and a first-class stamp it is possible to send off a pack of seeds to someone for under a buck (or the cost of an airmail stamp for anything sent out of your country).


This is how almost all traded beans came back in the day :+1:


yep, exactly. I just thought I would share it here as food for thought for anyone who is looking for ways to ship seeds safely on the cheap.


Agreed. Sometimes it’s fun to buy a super obvious dildo or penis pump and send em hidden in that tho :rofl::rofl:🤷

Generally better if you know the person though.


Thats how I ship all my seeds. That or the corrigated plastic tech. Really, I like it for international shipping because you don’t need a customs form. :wink:


yes exactly - I tested it out today in fact, and shipped off 4 packages to different parts of the world, and they all cost me just an airmail or first class stamp, so I was able to send off 4 packages of seeds to 4 different people for under $3 postage


I almost always use the corrugated plastic sign material coroplast is a brand name I just bought an 18" x 24" sheet at the local print shop for under 4 bucks lightweight durable and I can probably mail 100 seeds in a 2" x 2" square of it I don’t remember who but I learned that from someone here a few years back maybe Reiko the hose washer is cool though very cool


yes for mailing larger amounts of seeds the coroplast works great, however it isn’t perfect, and neither is the coin flip. The hose washer is pretty thick, however if the seeds are large and stick up above the top of the washer there is always a chance that they could become cracked if fed through a mail sorting machine. The coroplast can get smashed too, and if you dont cap off the ends of the coroplast with tape or something like a q-tip broken in half, then the seeds can come loose also.


You can always double up on the washers, or cut a slice of garden hose to the right thickness.


I have had good luck with these washers.


these are the ones that I bought recently, and they are nice and meaty


Rigid water hose works well if you don’t have washers

That’s how I got some seeds on the orginal overgrow site


Cutting the hose is almost as much a pain in the ass as cutting and stuffing corrigated plastic. :rofl:


Got to get a hose cutter I guess lol I would imagine the ones with the cord running through it would be a huge pain


I’ve used Listerine strip packs with success, just have to make sure you tape it closed.


Your crafty bro? That’s was perfect. I like being able to see them too!


I have also recently been looking at the little plastic “clamshell” flip top containers used alot as cosmetic samples I guess sold by Sebring sent me seeds in a couple and I found them on ebay they are pretty cheap


@monkeyman thanks for the thread man. Great, cheap ideas are always welcome :wink:


Can you please show steps plus pictures of how to do this please? Thank you :pray:t2:


Its pretty simple, just cut a piece of corrigated plastic to the size of your card. Stick half a cotton swab in the hole at one end, and stick your seeds in the other end. Finally stick the other half of the cotton swab in the hole to seal it up.