Beans 4 St. Jude

Hey all,

A bit strange posting on overgrow again after all these years. It’s been a long time since those days, with a few more grows under the belt now… :wink:

But a few kind heads suggested I make my way back to check out what’s going on over here.

I’m a pollen chucker, medical patient, hash lover, and genetics hoarder. I love to make crosses, mainly for preservation and my personal stash, but also because I’m cheap and a hoarder, so don’t want to pay for packs unnecessarily and always want to keep back ups in case of loss.

As you may imagine, year after year, the pollen chucks start to build up and we can only grow so many plants.

So we came up with the idea of Beans 4 St. Jude (#Beans4StJude on IG). I have so many seeds, we don’t want to see them go to waste and just sit in a box for a decade, so what better effort than spread the love, spread the seeds, and give back to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and help the kids.

I’m hoping to run into people I haven’t talked to for years, but maybe a few heads will pop in and vouch. Spent a lot of time on IC before it went down the toilet. You can also find pics on IG @loudogcanna

So, here’s how we do it… For each $25 donated to St. Jude, we’ll send out a pack of seeds of your choosing from what’s available at the time (list below). Send a screenshot of your donation confirmation, all I need to see is the donation amount and date to make sure it’s legit (redact any personal info), and we’ll get you sorted. US Only, sorry to our neighbors to the north and south and across the pond. I would love to see the idea take off with other people that also want to participate and donate seeds. I don’t want to be any middleman, so feel free to post up if you want to join and offer the same with your own pollen chucks!

Otherwise, let’s raise some money for St. Jude and grow some dope while we’re at it!

Good vibes all,


is it back?
loudog is legit guys.
nothing but love from this man and for this man.


Thanks for joining with honorable cause… Hopefully someone can vouch for you…


Welcome to OG @LouDog420 . Drop by the introduce yourself thread and say hi to the community if you get a chance :slight_smile: Lot’s of great people to meet here.


i vouch.
i put my hand on all my seeds and swear he’s a the ogest og out there.


That Casey Jones x Sour Bubble caught my eye! Being from 2011 I assume you have grown some out already. Thoughts?


ive grown that out.
i had two girls one cj leaner that didn’t finish because of mold (dense dense buds) and intersex - expected with the thai lineage. but she smelled of lemonhead candy almost perfectly with a little bit of sharpie at the back end.
the sb leaner was an absolute treat. grape grape grape and finished in 56 days. i’ll rummage for some pics.


Real nice cause bud!
welcome (back) to OG!!


and PM sent :slight_smile:


LemonadeJoe, I understand your concern for the community. Hopefully a few will pop in. I’ve been around for a bit and would imagine I’ve made a few friends over the years. Lots of old info on IC for anyone that wants to google. Not asking for money, or a sale for charity. Simple, anyone can straight up donate to St. Jude and send proof, and we’ll send out some beans. Worst case, I’m a scammer and a few people donate to St. Jude :wink: In reality, I have too many seeds, like to see them grown, and can’t think of a better way to spread them than through something like this. If this breaks any of your rules, feel free to bin it LemonadeJoe. Busy these days, so not a lot of time for the forums like in the past, but heard there were good people here.

Dirtron, plenty have grown the CJSB, thousands were donated to seedbay back in the day. If you want to do a quick google or do a search here, you should be able to find some grows. I believe a member is doing a reproduction because they found something they loved and the seeds are getting old, but I’ll let them chime in if they’d like to. The CJSB was a couple seasons of outdoor selections trying to keep the gene pool open with diversity, and some quality testing/sorting each fall to remove anything subpar or deleterious. With outdoor breeding and a slightly unstable line like casey, sometimes they can behave a little wonky inside.

Thanks antheis, always a pleasure my friend

Good vibes all

Here’s the OG Chem, one of my favorites. We like to grow them big when we can…


100 percent vouch for loudog. Im sure @JBow918 will say same. Good people with good intentions.


yep, thats what i figured as well when i saw your post…
if i get good beans on top of a good cause then heck… win win



Not really sure that I am at all comfortable with this, it is a good cause but is this the platform?


What makes you uncomfortable about it?


Dont need anything in return. When i get something hanging ill kick in some more.


Hey @LouDog420 , as a guy who works in 3 hospitals I can appreciate your idea. There are always concerns when someone pops up and their first post is something like this, I am sure you can understand that. When talking about putting out money and getting seeds in return it is bound to make some folks hesitant. I get that you are speaking of a direct donation to the hospital and you will give them something for doing it but being your first post it is defiantly going to make folks wonder some.


Full run is in my thread.


Thanks Corgitron, always a pleasure my friend.

Mods, et al, feel free to bin it if you’re not on board, as I already stated. I was prompted to come and post this here by members while interacting on a different platform. I saw trading post and thought this was appropriate. No skin off my back if you don’t want this on your site.

As far as my first post, I get it completely. There’s also plenty of info out there with a quick google and the few here already vouching that should allow any person to make their own decently informed decision on their opsec and if they want to participate.

Share the love, spread the beans, and if this isn’t the place, no worries and good vibes to you all.


All good bud. Guess I am just used to folks starting with hello. Clearly you are not forcing anyone into anything and you are promoting a great cause so props to you for that. Hope your drive goes well for you. Happy Growing.