OG Veterans Giveaway Signup. Thank You for your Service "CLOSED"

Good morning OG. The time has come to put the Veterans giveaway into motion. This is just a way to say thanks to all the people who serve or have served in the military and help to give us all the freedom we enjoy every day. So a few thanks to start with. This idea was thought up by @anon98660487 so special thanks to him. @TestOfOath also deserves a big thanks for putting together the original post which helped secure donations for this and also for allowing me to be involved. There are also a number of donators that deserve praise so when all the donations are in those who don’t object to it will have their names and donations listed. Since most of the donations are coming from the USA I wanted to get a USA distributor to avoid the seeds crossing the border to me in Canada. A number of people graciously offered to help so thanks to all who stepped up and big thanks to our USA distributor @BigMike55 who has been collecting the donations and will be sending out the packages.

This is open to anyone who is currently or has previously served in the military. We will be using the honor system and have faith in the people of OG to be honest. So here is the deal, sign up on the wiki below by listing your screen name and country. Once we have all the donations in hand as well as our list we will be putting together packages to send to each of you. These packages will all be unique and the size of them depends on the number of folks who sign up but rest assured all will get something nice from this.

EDIT: Please note, while we are collecting seeds and donations of supplies we do not want any monetary donations. If you wish to donate cash than please inquire as to what supplies are needed and purchase those to donate instead. We really appreciate the communities generosity but do not want money changing hands. Thanks for your understanding.

Cut off for sign ups has been extended to Friday Sept 17th.
Each person who signs up will get an equal share of the donations.
Donations to date:

14 10-Golden Goat X GG4 RIL
21 10-Trainwreck X GG4 RIL
16 10 Citrus Milf X GG4 RIL
14 10 Chem 91 S1 X GG4 RIL

Road Dawg X Sour Lives Auto (Jersey Garden Seeds) 1 pack
Forbidden Purple OG (COPA Genetics) 1 pack
Turkish Twist (Copa Genetics) 1 pack
Fuck OG F2 (Ninefold Collective) 1pack

Guammainian Gardens
4 packs of Ringo’s Gift F6
2 packs of Island #1 X Steve Lemme OG S2 Fem
2 packs of SR-71 BX F5

Dc Seed Exchange

Enough for a couple packs 3-4 of
Bubba Kush
Momma Thai

BigMike55 donated
Mexican Death Sativa (lambchoppdd) 1 pack
Spirit Train F2 from sebring 1 pack
Ghost from Marks stuff 1 pack
Monster Ghost from Marks 1 pack
Blueberry Ghost Mark. 1 pack.
Blak N Blu Cookies 3 packs

Sent 100 stamps

Cards, Flips and washers

200 hose washers

5 packs of Crockett’s Tangie (10 beans each)
And a sack of 100 Mephisto Zamadelica Express X Crockett’s Tangie.

3 packs of Hazeman G13/HP F2
2 packs of Blue Chem X Grimmdica
3 packs of Eskobar Blue Chem F2
1 pack of Lavender F2
1 pack of Black Widow X Grape Stomper OG
1 pack of C99 X DLA 4

5 20-packs of Kelga and 5 20-packs of Arakku Valley

at least 200.

2 packs Bodega Bubblegum X Sour Blutooth
6 packs Lemon Skunk X Sour Blutooth
5 packs Cherry AK X Sour Blutooth
1 pack Strawberry Goji X Sour Blutooth
1 pack 88G13 HP X Sour Blutooth
1 pack Purple Afghani X PPP

1 x 10 pack of Eutierria, Swackhammer, Good ideas, Dosing Walker and Azad Kashmir F2.

2 packs of White Widow X Super Skunk
2 packs of GG4 X Black Domina fem
A load of CannaCheese S1 autofem this is 1:1 thc:cbd did not count but everone who signed up will get some of these. Same with CDLC X CannaChees auto fem. did not count them but he sent a lot. Probly 200 of each of those last two.

Also received an envelope today with Sour Diesel Auto X PPP reg about 30 seeds
Sour Diesel Auto X Bubblegum Auto. Reg. About 30 seeds.
A pack of Sebrings Point Break photo reg
A pack of Sebrings Aloha OG photo fem.

20 packs of classic seeds jacalyn ibl ‘f2’. I made these seeds in 2018/19.
this variety is very relaxing both in body and mind. classic had named it after his late wife who suffered from cancer. it was line he had line bred for 25 years at time I purchased them.
20 packs of a11x(a11xf13) f2s from my first open pollination with mom#1( currently doing mom#2 now) this cross is pretty wide open. noodly viney branches are to be expected. fast finishing, fermented fruit, and very up high. not too racy and it is easy to focus on a task to complete it. good for adhd.

3 packs of Spirit Train, a pack of White Widow, 2 packs of Durban Poison, and a pack of Go Nuts. There’s a handful of flips and washers.

So let’s get started.


  1. @EugeneDebs420 :us:
  2. @middleman :us:
  3. @keene :us:
  4. @Who :us:
  5. @MoBilly :us:
  6. @Breelie :us:
  7. @blue1963 :us:
  8. @GMan :us: :anchor:
  9. @misterbee :us:
  10. @4ftfarmer :us:
  11. @biglizard :us:
  12. @vaportrail :us:
  13. @Rmevet :us:
  14. @Lood :us:
  15. @Oheeeoh :us:
  16. @low_and_slow :us: :anchor:
  17. @ItsintheGenetics :us:
  18. @Hapi :us:
  19. @Maddogg :us:
  20. @Oldjoints :us:
  21. @oleskool830 :liberia::anchor:
  22. @Dcoolbreeze1 :liberia::anchor:
  23. @antheis :us:
  24. @Syn :us: 🪖
  25. @Kushdaddy :us:
  26. @smokingjoe58 :us:
  27. @olcoot :us:
  28. @rootfarmer :us:
  29. @Drift :us:
  30. @CapnCannabis :us:
  31. @UncleLemur :us:
  32. @JohnnyPotseed :us:
  33. @Growerhigh :us:
  34. @Drkeststar USN

I love free things but I’m not a veteran! Thanks to all of you that put in your service for us and this country.


Although I am a Veteran, I will be excluding myself from the giveaway, in the interest of fairness and transparency. Sound like a politician, right?
Just don’t want any one thinking I am being anything but fair.
So sign up, Vets and future vets. I have some nice stuff coming in shortly.


I’m a Vet, peacetime Vet. I’ll also exclude myself… but i love the idea of this to assist veterans who may find some gear useful.

Matter of fact i have some beans to donate… @BigMike55 if you’d be so kind to PM me an address to send in a donation.

HHC 12th Combat Aviation Group
Weisbaden Germany 79-82


Thanks @GCBudz , very kind of you. Much appreciated.


US army 2007-11 OIF 2009-10

Thanks y’all


USAF '92-'05

Thanks @DougDawson , @anon98660487 , @BigMike55 and everyone else who is making this happen.

And thanks to all who served.


1-14th CAV Apocalypse Troop 2011-2012, Tarin Kowt AFG… excluding myself as well. Good luck to the other vets out there. If any of you are having a hard time as of late with the current turmoil in Afghanistan, and need someone to talk to, hit me up, brothers and sisters, and we can both struggle with our demons as a team. Good luck out there everyone.


This is a good thing y’all. I’m from a military family. Dad was career Army, both brothers went Army. I’m the black sheep. I went Navy (peacetime).

I’m glad you are doing something like this. Thanks to all involved.


its for vets, your a VET, dont see how its unfair if you sign up. Same @GCBudz …maybe i should take my name off…


I see no reason for you to remove your name but its up to you.


No, I am just staying off because, being a distributor, I want others to enjoy this. My enjoyment will come from helping get quality genetics into the hands of some of our heroes.
Believe me, if it were not for that, I would be in there, like swimwear!


As a veteran I demand a photo of you in a speedo laying with the beans before shipment.


OG pinup calendar


How do I sign up? Thanks :slight_smile:

America, Hurricane country lol


I shall send you something separate from the giveaway brother :slight_smile:


Put your @name in a spot


I just added your name @Breelie and @Syn just threw up some instructions :slight_smile:


Might as well give her the achievement of FAQ Editor

She gets it when she edits her first wiki


That’s a good point. Hey @Breelie , if you go edit this and say put a space between your name and flag it should give you that badge.


Hopefully it’s not @Syn 's Speedo. LOL