Strain Donations and Breeder Match Ups for Preserving

If you have a strain that should be preserved and do not want to run them yourself, please list them here. Once they are listed here, please do not remove the listing until either a breeder is found and a journal is made or it is at the end of the year starting December 2020:

Donor: @Eudaemon
Strain: SSDD x Stardawg Guava by Bodhi (from the 2020 Fire Fund auction)
Potential Breeder:

Donor: MomOnTheRun
Strain: Green Point Seeds Ghost Town: Ghost OG Kush x Stardawg
Potential Breeder: @TheShowMeHomie

Donor: @olbrannon
Strain: Natural Mystic (Jamaican x Snowlotus)
Potential Breeder: @Sebring

Donor: @Swe-can
Strain: Blue Geez Blue Cheese clone x Empress Kush (CHemD x Loompas Headband/Loompas OG)
Potential Breeder:

Donor: @Swe-can
Strain: Jamaican x indian x cambodian = unknown strains pick and choose
Potential Breeder:

Donor: @crazaer
Strain: Neville’s Sister (Neville’s Haze x Chem’s Sister)
Potential Breeder:

Donor: @crazaer
Strain: Kauai x Legends Ultimate Indica
Potential Breeder:

Donor: @Craigson15
Strain: Romulan
Potential Breeder: (prefer in Canada but open to options)

Donor: @Craigson15
Strain: Amnesia Haze x G13Haze by Eskobar
Potential Breeder: (prefer in Canada but open to options)

Donor ; @Gaz29
Strain; LA Confidential ( regs. - source was @Sebring.).
Anyone who’s reliable .!
Potential Breeder ;

Donor: Badger
Strain: Darkstar F2 (from open pollination)
Potential breeder: someone reliable please

Donor: @So-ilgrower
Strain: Mag Iranian Landrace
Potential breeder: volunteer needed, contact so-ilgrower

Donor: @sct2020
Strain: super silver sour diesel haze f13, purple line
Potential breeder: maybe its you?

Donor: @District_flora
Strain: Tuna Kush F2
Potential breeder: Open Slot

Potential Breeders

If you want to be a breeder and do not care for what the strain is or want to try something new, please list your name here:

All strain match ups are between the donator and the potential breeder to make arrangements for the run. Remember, strains must be turned into the distributors by March for the April mail outs and September for the October mail outs

Preservation Match Ups

Once a match has been made, please place it here so we know what to watch for in the coming year :wink:

Strain: bodhi blueberry hill x asian fantasy
Let’s call this Fantasy Hill
Donator: Heritagefarms
Breeder: Jjm


I’ve got some sour strawberry that I’m going to do a seed run on, at least that’s what everyone voted for me to run lol if someone has something else that need to be done instead of that just let me know. I won’t make the first date but they will be done by Sept.


For me to do it will be a march-april start date if there is no objection to this I’m 100% on board

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I think you should stick with it… I didn’t list it as the match up has already been made just like i’ll be running Strawberry Haze from OleReynard right after the Purple Badlands run

I won’t hold ya to it if you change your mind or see an offering you’d rather run instead though did want to have something for reference :wink:


I’ve been dying to run something with the ghost OG so it will definitely be my first grow log on here and I’m excited for the opportunity


Hey motr which thread do I sign up to get beans from a preservation run? Between my new position at work and having a migraine since mid oct till about a week ago i forgot lol


The strains still have their own individual journals just like before though they are all now in Breeders Lab -> Seed Runs Co-Op
or click here :wink:


Are those supposed to say Asian or does Asain actually mean something?


Looks like a typo, the strain looks very interesting indeed … :sunglasses:


I’ll fix it. Sick and bored. lol


The thunder kush listed in the asian fantasy cross is Alaskan thunder fuck x blackberry kush.
The blueberry hill is a old bodhi strain. These are crosses a friend of mine made several years ago.
The asian fantasy was a clone that made a few rounds after a crazy story about a plant rescued from a bath tub. It’s a very weird untamed plant and in case anybody is wondering no I dont have a pure mom anymore. It was good but to low of a yield so it was crossed to some realy short fat indica types to possibly tame her growth.
I’m sure I have quite a few other things to donate to preservation runs if the list ever gets low. Doubtfull though we have a great community here and alot of people sitting on great lines.


Well @MomOnTheRun the last I heard @Sebring was going to either run those himself or find someone that wanted to. I did not feel I could do them justice. I will let him edit and add them if he has no plans at the moment. They are not in my possession anymore.

Strain: Bodhi 's Natural Mystic


Speaking of individual journals by strain…
Are there any guidelines for documenting a grow journal for a seed run?
Are weekly updates ok, with some environment/feeding notes?

Just wondering. I received some high CBD seeds recently that I thought about making some seeds from and doing a pheno hunt… :slight_smile:


I copied/pasted from the pm so didn’t catch the misspelling :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see that up there and only put down what I was for sure of (mine and Heritagefarms offerings) so I am a bit confused what your talking about though that is easily done when I toke all day on a day off :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really… some update daily while others go once a week then there are the ones like Lucky 7’s being reran updated willy nilly - whenever there is something to update or the start of a journal real late in the growth period like my Purple Badlands and Hibernate. Just do what you can, when you can and do not promise something that you will not do your best to deliver so members aren’t let down if it doesn’t happen :wink:


ok. Thank you.
We’ll see how it goes, take notes and pictures.


That was in PM’s but you were on that thread so thought you might remember.


ahhhh yeah I forgot right off hand following a lot of threads and have 2 pages of notes of offerings with potential match ups from different threads and pm’s in the last 30 days then saw how some stem off and make trades taking the offering up off the table when I brought up a potential…too much to stay on top of so I figured to get this going in 1 spot, I would just do mine then I thought to add Heritagefarms as he just offered in the last 24 hrs in a 1:1 pm and tagged to be sure he would correct it if need be. Sooooo here we are :stuck_out_tongue:


Good idea. Easier to keep track of obviously. Lighten your load every chance you get! :slight_smile:


I dug through my seed stash and found the NM seed pack and added them to the list! 11 perfect plump seeds!