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Heres my post to help out!

Grow journal

I started growing Marijuana for my father who has lymphoma. We’ve been able to bond, he been teaching me what he knows, he lights up when I show him the plants are getting bigger. I wish I was able to do this sooner with him but I will charish it now. I myself have quickly become addicted to growing. I know if I had the space I’d have sooo many plants going. The overgrow community has been so helpful in making this happen :green_heart:


Goid evening I am new to thus and learning. Thank you for the ivataion. My partner and I are 51 and 65 and wanted to grow and share so this is great


Very generous of you! I am 38 years old and reside in BC Canada, been growing indoor since legalization day but have attempted a few gorilla grows when I was younger. My good buddy invited me here to OG and I gotta say it is a really great platform and a bunch of great people here and definitely have an obsession with growing my owe.


Absolutely amazing @Heliosphear ! I just want to put it out there that I’m so incredibly thankful I found this community. To have a passion in life is a wonderful treat, to find a group of like minded individuals is truly a gift.
Mad love to you all


Great idea @Heliosphear. Extremely generous of you and a reminder to support your favorite forum…Overgrow of course.
I’m nearing 50 and have been growing over 30 years now, since 1991. For the first 25 years I grew mostly my own strain and my Uncles Afghan seed that was gifted to me in 98, but dates back to 75. My grows with my own strain were almost always done guerrilla style in the Catskill Mts of NY, while the Afghans were grown in containers. I also grew indoors during winter on occasion, but not more than half a dozen times until recently.
My passion is growing Landraces/ heirlooms and preserving them. In particular, the Long Flowers. I Can’t get enough of them. Since joining OG I’ve been introduced to numerous other passionate growers and preservationists and I’ve made some great friendships I never would have made anywhere else. @Guitarzan, Myself and a great group of guys formed The Freakers Collective early last year, dedicated to preserving landraces, heirlooms and older landrace hybrids. We have added our first female member this year and we’re all excited about that😁. Be on the lookout for Freaker’s Overflow threads where you can get some sweet old genetics!
I’m currently working on a Peshawar Afghan preservation run that I’ve started for the coop( thread coming) and I can always be found in the landrace threads.
Overgrow is an awesome place to meet great people!
@DEMIJJ welcome to OG!


Awesome of you @Heliosphear! Keep on shining that wonderful OGSpirit cuz!
Just an oldschool grower/breeder, spreading the love of ganja all my life. lol

Most here know me and my story lol so no need to bore anyone. If you’re really curious, I’m easy to find :wink: :smile: :+1:


Thanks for doing you and for what you bring to the table here at OG @Heliosphear ! This fundraiser is very generous of you!

I’m a simple soil grower, love my dirt an my weeds.

You can check out some of what I have happening here Sun Seeds Soil

Take care and be safe out there OG


Thanks for doing this . I love growing / smoking my own . This is an awesome place to meet like minded people . Have some of the 1st gifted seeds ready to flower anytime… and now making my own seeds .

People let’s make weed dank again. stop keeping the fatest fastest finishers . Potency potency please . Still hunting the 4 hour buzz of 1996 weed ok im rambling again. .

Thanks Joe for all you do


Nice idea.

Mid 30s. Been a bit obsessed with the idea of growing since the old OG but wasn’t in a position to grow indoors until legalization in Canada. Bounced around figuring out life, overactive landlords, lack of funds, etc.

These days growing is a hobby that supports my mental health which is not great at times, and smoking mixes nicely with hiking another passion of mine.

I usually try a different technique in each run, for better or worse. Interested in Canadian breeders like PeakSeedsBC, Beanhoarder, JOTI, etc. Lately I’ve been trying to focus more on growing OG gear and some half assed chucking.

I’ve been a supporter of OG on Patreon for a few years. It’s kind of rare to find a place like this online these days, with passionate people who care about community and strong efforts to keep the toxicity of the internet at bay.


My gratitude is yours @helioshpere , and to all supportive overgrowers. My hubby and I are a couple of V.A. Nobodys. Years before our state legalized we have always been passionate about one of the oldest natural medicines known to man A.K.A. Cannabis. We were very excited when they finally overturned the unconstitutional prohibition of this wonderful plant, for many reasons one of which being the unjustified incarceration of those who chose to grow their own medicine. Since legalization we grow for ourselves and the people that we have loved and lost, who never got the chance to. ( R.I.P. Peyton, J.R. , Uncle Ralph, Uncle Roger, Ashley, Amanda, and others unnamed) as well as those who struggled with disease and were denied access by law to a simple plant that could have eased their suffering. These are the reasons we grow.
A little about us, I wear the tye dye T-shirts and he has the beard. We have always seen cannabis as a community herb and our growing goals are to be able to share with our friends and family. Our current grow is chugging along and anyone is welcome to tag along with us.

Tiger king Oklahoma. Aka T.K.O

We really appreciate the vast wealth on knowledge available here and are thankful to be able to help in a small way.
Thank you Overgrow, and Overgrowers!
May The Smoke Be With You.


that’s great


I’m not sure what the hell that was!


Duendecilla Verde!!!


Yeah you do.


Another medical licensed grower here. Might not have started growing if it were not for my illness, have been trying to find a good producing CBD plant with little THC to leave me straight.

On a little breeding program because of it, not successful yet. This may take a while.

I ran the seeds of a cross I did and out of 60 seeds I had one outlier that still has THC in it but it is a nice mild stone, using it late at night. I have it in flower now and have hit it with the CBD pollen from one of the males as well as from the PCK pollen from the seed run I am doing. Seems I do not have a picture of it, give me a minute.

No need for cropping on this one, all the rest were taller plants with a lot of space between leaves. Wish I took a clone of this one before I put it in flower, maybe I can reveg it.

As I said I hit a branch with PCK pollen from the Pakistani Chitral Kush seed run I am doing. Just dusted the three females with the two males contribution yesterday, I will throw the fan in there again in another week, really a nice looking plant. I removed the lower fan leaves so the lower bud sites got more light.

Hope to do another seed run in the future, it delays my running some of the seeds I got from the fine people on OG but I am getting something special back knowing that I am helping to keep the genetics of this plant going.

Not much to say about myself otherwise, my illness has me at home most of the time. I piddle around a little making a few guitar amps and guitars.


Nice woodwork what’s your shop look like?


Good thread, I am slowly sorting and collecting beans at the moment. Could take a while, but in the end there will be beans to share👀


My bench, wish it were deeper but in the end I probably would be working on the last six inches anyway.

Did not think I had a picture. The bandsaw on the left is just for show, I need to rebuild it. I used my metal bandsaw a lot.


wow cool
What wood gives the best tones or is that a consideration


hydro strawberries