Testers: Blueberry Diesel

Hey everyone, it’s that time again. To celebrate my 2nd year on OverGrow (starting 3rd year) and my newest pollen chucking creation, I will be running a tester thread for this Blueberry Diesel i made, which is a cross of (Blueberry Pie and Chem Fuego). There will be multiple spots available, plenty for the US and thanks to the kindness of @DougDawson there will be more spots for Canada/elsewhere that he will distribute.

Here’s how it will work. If you want to be a tester, respond to this thread with 3 answers:

  1. Why do you want these seeds?
  2. When can you start them? (be honest)
  3. Where are you from, US or Canada or elsewhere?
  • If you’re new don’t bother responding, no offense but i’ve have too many seed “testers” run off with the seeds in previous tester threads.
  • Do not PM me asking for seeds, it’s a sure way to not get any.
  • If you can’t grow anytime soon please leave the space for someone that can.
    This is NOT an edit and add your name thing. I will make selections and add the names to the post myself. DO NOT ADD NAMES / DO NOT EDIT THE WIKI

I look forward to passing these out, i think it will be an excellent cross and I hope you all enjoy it. For anyone wondering, my previous tester threads were for “Soloberry #2/#3” and “Black Snow Grow Show” and they turned out pretty well.

(pic made by @Rhai88 )


Very cool @anonymous4289. Come on and step right up fellow growers, should be a good one.

  • Why do you want these seeds? - I love blueberry everything. Check my Blueberry Thunderdome thread that is just getting started
  • When can you start them? (be honest) - After my Ogreberries get finished. Only started those a couple weeks ago, but its the soonest I will have a space ready. They have a thread on here too.
  • Where are you from, US or Canada? US
  • Why do you want these seeds?

Uh, Blueberry. And… Diesel… done. I love the parents as well!! Fantastic choices!!!

  • When can you start them? (be honest)
    Within the next 3-4 weeks.

  • Where are you from, US or Canada?


  1. Why? Cuz it sounds delicious. Love blueberry anythang!!!

  2. As soon as you get them to me.

  3. US baby!!

I’d love to test these for you brother. Hope I make the cut.


I’m definitely following along here; great cross…I bless this grow (these grows) with the headiest of Heady Bear vibes!


i’m hoping to not have to send out 10 more US but it looks like it might fill up faster than i thought. it gets pricey but i also need to account for the people that run off and don’t grow/document.


@anonymous4289 ill try out your testers if you like. I love Blueberry :heart: & Diesel smells :yum:


I PM’d you, but please answer the 3 questions in the first post. :+1:

  1. The reason I’d like these seeds is three-fold… one being I’ve been having an extremely difficult time deciding what to grow next and this would decide that for me! Two the bros @other_barry and @DefNSmokn have hopped on and it would be cool to be able to compare notes on a regular basis. Three working something fresh and documenting another grow sounds like a good time.

  2. It’d be about 3 to 4 weeks. Just waiting for my my last run to finish up so I can chop and dry in the tent. Then clean her up for a fresh run.

  3. :us:


Send some UK ways bro

  1. I’d like to compare to some of my current cultivars and future work.
  2. Jan 2023 (realistic and honest answer)
  3. Canada

that would be up to @DougDawson if he wants to do that. i’m only shipping US as my shipping method is expensive.


My blueberry bx4 at day 54 as reference. I understand if you can’t pick me


Can’t argue with that. You’d have jack’s rainbow back out your way by November. I understand the logistics cost don’t worry


@DougDawson let me know shipping costs for a few packs this end. I’ll send them on to my UK brothers if you’re game. Will send postage now


Hey man. I think I have a total of 90 seeds here so it’s up to @anonymous4289 if he is good with it and how many seeds he is willing to send your way. I got no problem shipping them.

  1. I love gasy strains is why I would want some man but I’m not sure if my ranks high enough to join giveaways or testing.

  2. When could I grow them - I have 3 grow tents and always have extra room left over.

  3. Where am I from - the USA


@DougDawson well, i’d prefer only one pack per selected user, that way there’s enough for everyone. honestly i wouldn’t be happy if someone was given more than one. there’s only 9 anyway


I’ll split a 10 pack with my UK bros no probs bro