The Canadian Contingent

With more and more of us Canadians coming to this forum as of late, and with our laws changing come October 2018, it’s as good as time as any to start a Basic Canadian Thread.

This threads purpose is to bring fellow Canadians and those want to be Canadians together to talk about our grows, our hobbies, and our lives if we so desire.

Come introduce yourself and welcome to the forums.

Best way to be apart of these forums is start a grow thread of your own whether just starting out or decades of experience, throw up an avatar and participate as were all here to share and help each other out so post up your own grow and follow along those others whom interest you, and have fun and keep cordial :wink:

I’ll add links as we go along.

If your new to the forums head over to the Introduction thread and say hello.

For Canadian news articles heres a thread for that

There is also a Canadian Seed Trading Thread


An introduction for myself. I go by Mr.Sparkle, west coast Canadian, been growing off and on now for almost a decade, and am a micro grower as i only grow for myself.

Here’s one of my grow threads and welcome everyone :smiley:


To tag in some fellow Canadians already on the board to get things started.

@Scissor-Hanz @legalcanada @Ftlob @Lucy247420 @Torontoke @dgtxxx @chunk


Hello Mr. Sparkle. Nice idea for a thread.

I’m new here and also from BC (interior), and also a micro-grower, growing for myself and will likely end up sharing with friends. Very new to growing, but it seems I have it dialed in pretty well already. Running a “blurple” LED right now but have all the parts to build a DIY COB with some Citizens in the fall.

Such a rewarding hobby!


Fellow micro growing Canadian
Been at it to long and am now definitely bias
But still love to chat pot!


Glad to see someone made a thread. Hopefully, I’ll be talking with all of you more! I’m a newer member here but everyone I have talked too so far has been really cool. Guerilla/small indoor grow, Always down for some bean trading.


Grew up and lived all around the interior north and south wonderful province to live in, btw post up a thread :wink: haha


Woohoo hell ya GO CANADA!🖒🇨🇦
(I’m not Canadian but Im proud of my bros no matter where they live)
Just stopping by to show some love of Canada eh​:clap::beers::v:


I have one grow documented in my phone app (“Jane”) but I simply haven’t had the time to transfer all the photos and data to my PC so I can create a grow log. I don’t know how the rest of you find the time to do so. Hopefully things will slow down for me in the fall and I can start doing some of that. This summer has been one thing after the other.


I’m proud to be a Canadian!
Ontario to BC and back again (and back again soon I think)


well you can post by phone, but unless you have setup your phone to not record metadata, aka “location” specific data to be specific always best to remove that first which can be easier on pc.

As for posting doesn’t take much if you work at it bit by bit.


The app I use on my phone puts the photos somewhere deep in the file system where I can’t seem to find them - they don’t just show up where all my other photos are. It’s my only complaint with the app. Otherwise I really like it.

Also, my phone takes photos that are way to big (both dimensions and file size) to be posting online, which means I would need to resize them all before uploading. I hate doing that sort of work on a damned phone.

I always disable location metadata on my devices. :+1:

Rest assured I will post a grow log in the fall. Maybe if I do it bit by bit (as the grow progresses) it’ll be easy enough for me to maintain.


Howdy from Manitoba, small grow, been at this for a long time and enjoy making and starting and trading beans.
Glad to see a Canadian room.


If you have BC and we have DC, who has CC, please? :upside_down:

:evergreen_tree: :us: (nobody chooses their birth)


U mean the Colombian cartel?


discourse software automatically strips metadata when uploading, admittedly i have never tested (uploading a pic w/ false metadata to check) and i manually strip metadata even tho my camera is too old to record much of any

any other manitobers here besides me and @prismo ?


Hola Gang

Am in the french province
I’ve been at it for very long
since the 70’s.

I love trading and landrace.

am thinking about trying some 315
and see how they par .

This fall I will try to revive lots
of genetics with GA3 That will
be interesting.



Thank you Made in Canada :maple_leaf:!


Greetings from BC!
On and off this hobby since the turn of the century, but not in the last 5+ years

Got 3 autos in dirt at the moment, but come October the rig in the basement is getting fired up. Or maybe a little before then :wink:


More OldSchool Members returning! :thumbsup:

:evergreen_tree: (Calif. is SW Quebec; We have wine AND cheese)